Marine with her son Razmik
Marine with her son Razmik

Armenia: A school for disabled children gives new hope

“I see that my child is happy, so I am happy too”
Marine Tadevosyan

Razmik couldn’t walk and speak distinctly as a result of an infantile cerebral paralysis. Now, a beneficiary of Ljevan Child Development Center, his cognitive skills and mental development are normal.

Marine Tadevosyan is a mother of Razmik, 7, beneficiary of Ijevan Child Development Center. They are from nearby village Getahovit. He is the only child in the family. Razmik is disabled since early childhood. He has infantile cerebral paralysis, due to which he cannot walk and speak distinctly. But his cognitive skills and mental development are normal. Ms. Tadevosyan takes him every day to school, after which Razmik attends classes in Child Development Center:

“When I first learned about the Center, I did not want to send my child there. I even did not want anyone to see my child. I thought that everyone would start pointing at us saying that my child has illness. We were keeping him at home and did not allow him to play with other children. I had admitted to myself that my child is different from other children and this is my fate.

After I attended parents’ education classes I started to realize that I am not alone, and my child is also not the only disabled child. I even could see that there were more severe cases, when children had mental and development difficulties, while my son was smart and clever.” Little by little due to the parents’ education Marine overcame stereotypes and brought the child to the Center. Since then, she had to postpone all other activities and household commitments to be able to bring Razmik to the Center almost every day.

“He likes all classes, but his favorite ones are singing and drawing. I see that my child is happy, so I am happy too”.

Nara Chibukhchyan is a physical therapist who has worked in Ijevan Child Development Center for several years: “There are few physical therapists in the region, though this profession is highly demanded. Nobody wants to work in the region, as nice wellness canters are attracting most of the specialists”.

However, Nara chose to stay in Ijevan and to work with children with special needs. The work is not easy, and it requires commitment and hard working. “You spend several months until you see slight improvements. But when you see the results, you understand that this is the best appreciation you can ever have for your hard work, which is reflected in the eyes of parents and children themselves”.