Raul Umberto Lopez and Sandra Marie Lou Estevez from Gualme, a small rural town in Western Honduras, were the first recipients of a cow in their community. Credit: Gary Henry/Oxfam
The voices of the whole Honduran population need to be heard

Honduras: Political instability is affecting our work

“We appeal to the authorities and the Honduran leaders to respect the rights and liberties of people and civil society organizations.”
Cecilia Millán
Oxfam spokesperson in the region

The current political instability in Honduras has forced us to reduce our activities on development projects in the country to approximately 60% of capacity. From the start of the current political crisis, we've had to reinforce security measures for our staff and cut back on our work with local communities.

What is Oxfam doing?

  • supporting small-scale farmers to develop their capacities and help them to have a better opportunity to integrate into national and regional markets.
  • supporting initiatives to promote the rights and capacities of poor and marginalized people to promote the exercise of their citizenship.
  • defence of women, especially those victims of violence.
  • disaster risk reductions actions and strengthening of the implementation of rural communities' rights.

The situation

We are deeply concerned by the suspension of constitutional rights, such as association, meeting and free movement around the country, detentions without evidence and the arrest of people in their homes during the curfew. As other human rights national and international institutions, we are particularly worried about the lack of security for social leaders and human rights defenders.

“We are closely following the Honduras crisis, and we appeal to the authorities and the Honduran leaders to respect the rights and liberties of people and civil society organizations,” Cecilia Millán, Oxfam spokesperson in the region, said.

After the exit of Hondura’s President Manuel Zelaya, the majority of international community – such as the Governments of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, the Organization of American Status, United Nations and the European Union – condemned the situation and ask for the immediate return of Zelaya as the constitutionally-elected president.

“We join other organizations from the international community to find a solution where the voices of the whole Honduran population are heard and Human Rights and Constitutional Democracy are respected," said Millán.

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