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Your generosity has helped direclty

Thank you: You've fully funded the Oxfam Haiti Humanitarian Appeal

Oxfam Humanitarian Haiti Earthquake Appeal now closed, due to the over-whelming generosity of the public worldwide.

Thank you to all our supporters

Following the tragic earthquake in Haiti on January 12, we would like to thank everyone for the generous support from the public and other donors.

Oxfam has received approximately $100 million for its emergency work in Haiti, with donations received from the public, governments and institutional donors across the world.

We plan to spend around $18 million within the first six months after the earthquake, to carry out our immediate relief operations. The money we have received is making a real difference to people’s lives in Haiti and will continue to make a real difference as we help Haitians to re-build their lives.

Oxfam's Haiti response

One year after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, 500,000 people have benefited from Oxfam’s earthquake response work providing clean water, sanitation, shelter, seeds and cash for work programs. We have reached a further 700,000 people through our life-saving cholera prevention work.

Fundraising projects already in progress before the appeal closed will continue as planned, but no new initiatives will be set into motion.

Our plan to help Haiti rebuild will run for three years.

Funds for ongoing humanitarian response

Although our appeal for Haiti is now closed, we hope you will remember the other emergencies where we are responding, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Asia-Pacific disasters. We are able to launch rapid responses to natural disasters and conflict situations because we have funds in reserve.

Please consider making a donation to the general emergency fund of your nearest national Oxfam affiliate.

We'd like to thank you for all your generous support.

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