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Press Release | 22 November 2013

Oxfam, the AFL-CIO, Trillium Asset Management and several other investors today filed a formal shareholder resolution urging PepsiCo to account for land rights violations in its supply chain. A recent investigation by Oxfam revealed that companies supplying sugar to PepsiCo and its franchisees have been implicated in violent land grabs, pushing small farmers off their land and undermining their livelihoods.

Press Release | 21 November 2013

We have said we stand in solidarity with the millions impacted by Typhoon Haiyan, and with all climate impacted people. Our solidarity compels us to tell the truth about COP 19 and to voluntarily withdraw from the Warsaw climate talks.

Press Release | 11 November 2013

As the COP19 climate talks start, poor countries are being left with little idea about what money is available to help them cope with climate change because of murky accounting and a lack of transparency by rich countries.

Press Release | 8 November 2013

The Coca-Cola Company today committed to take steps to stop land grabs from happening in its supply chain after more than 225,000 people signed petitions and took action as part of Oxfam’s campaign to urge food and beverage companies to respect community land rights.

Press Release | 31 October 2013

El Ministerio Público Federal investigará los retrasos en la resolución de uno de los casos que se destacan en el informe "La fiebre del azúcar" de Oxfam. Se trata de un logro de la campaña “Tras la marca” que cuenta ya con el apoyo de más de 317 mil personas en todo el mundo.

Media Reaction | 12 November 2013
Speaking on the second day of the United Nations Climate Change talks in Warsaw Kelly Dent, Oxfam’s spokesperson said;“Oxfam and other...
Media Reaction | 15 October 2013
Today European Finance Ministers agreed their common position for the United Nations COP 19 climate change talks next month in Warsaw,...
Media Reaction | 1 October 2013
New estimates today from the Food and Agriculture Organization which show that the number of hungry people has gone down by 26 million in...
Media Reaction | 27 September 2013
Reacting to the report released today by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Tim Gore, Oxfam’s Grow Campaign Head of...
Media Reaction | 11 September 2013
The European Parliament’s compromise in capping the share of biofuels made from food crops at 6 per cent of the EU’s energy demand in...

In My Place: Oxfam, Coldplay and you fight land grabs

Watch the pioneering new crowd-sourced 'In My Place' film featuring thousands of Coldplay fans and others, and take action to help end the injustice of land grabs.

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Farmers feed us... but who's feeding the farmers?

'Farmers feed us... but who's feeding the farmers?' This is an outcry of GROW campaign members for a recognition of the role and the potential of family farms.

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The truth about women and chocolate

The companies that make your favorite chocolate bars are not doing much to support the women who grow and pick cocoa for them. You can change this.

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In My Place Film: Oxfam and Coldplay

Oxfam ambassadors Coldplay have donated an incredible acoustic version of their track ‘In My Place’ for a new crowd-sourced Oxfam GROW campaign video.

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Doughnut Economics: Creating a safe and just space for humanity

Global economic growth is exacerbating inequalities while pushing the Earth beyond ecological limits. Oxfam senior researcher Kate Raworth visited the RSA in October 2012, to explain how the simple 'doughnut' can help save the planet and decrease global inequality.

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The Future of Agriculture

The Future of Agriculture: what if our agricultural and food future was sustainable, equitable and inclusive?

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Doughnut Economics: Who is putting pressure on the planet

Who's putting pressure on the planet? This video reveals the extreme inequalities of resource use - within and between countries - underlying the pressure on four 'planetary boundaries'.

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Food for Change

In October, in Turin, Italy, the Slow Food movement celebrated Terra Madre, joining the pleasure of good food with a commitment to community and the environment, bringing together consumers and producers.

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Historic land rights march in India

Historic march in India of over 100,000 people to get the Government to pass a 'National Land Reforms Act & Policy' as a broad framework and means of land re-distribution to the landless and homeless poor

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Female Food Heroes 2012: Sister Martha Mwasu Waziri wins 'Mama Shujaa wa Chakula'

Martha Mwasu Waziri was chosen as Tanzania's Mama Shujaa wa Chakula 2012 (Female Food Hero). She won 10 million Tanzanian Shillings ($6,325) to buy farming equipment of her choice.

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