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  • Provide access to a wealth of case studies, pictures and videos
Press Release | 8 November 2013

The Coca-Cola Company today committed to take steps to stop land grabs from happening in its supply chain after more than 225,000 people signed petitions and took action as part of Oxfam’s campaign to urge food and beverage companies to respect community land rights.

Press Release | 31 October 2013

El Ministerio Público Federal investigará los retrasos en la resolución de uno de los casos que se destacan en el informe "La fiebre del azúcar" de Oxfam. Se trata de un logro de la campaña “Tras la marca” que cuenta ya con el apoyo de más de 317 mil personas en todo el mundo.

Press Release | 29 October 2013

The Federal Public Ministry will launch an investigation into delays in resolving one of the cases highlighted in the recent Oxfam report "Nothing sweet about it."

Press Release | 11 October 2013

Despite overwhelming evidence about the negative link between biofuels and food security, countries refused to take action on policies fueling land grabs, prices spikes and hunger.

Press Release | 4 October 2013

Before the opening of the Committee on Food Security’s annual meeting in Rome (7 October), Oxfam called for Governments to ensure that biofuel policies do not force poor farmers off their land and fuel food price spikes.

Media Reaction | 11 September 2013
The European Parliament’s compromise in capping the share of biofuels made from food crops at 6 per cent of the EU’s energy demand in...
Media Reaction | 11 July 2013
The stance taken today by Members of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee on the reform of EU legislation on biofuels is...
Media Reaction | 3 July 2013
Oxfam welcomed today’s vote by the European Parliament in favor of emergency measures to save the ailing European Emissions Trading System...
Media Reaction | 19 June 2013
Today the European Parliament's Environment Committee voted for a compromise deal on a European Commission proposal to reverse a decline in...
Media Reaction | 19 June 2013
Welcoming the publication of the World Bank report, Turn Down the Heat: Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts and the case for resilience,...

Bamako Live - Mali Music Unplugged

Bamako. A brand new track recorded for Mali Music Unplugged -- a special performance from the Sahel with Afel Bocoum and Damon Albarn, to raise awareness of the Sahel food crisis.

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Ali Mostafa speaks out on behalf of Oxfam on the Sahel food crisis

An appeal from film director Ali Mostafa on behalf of Oxfam on the need for action on the Sahel food crisis affecting 18 million people. To act go to

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Join the GROW movement

We know that it's possible to feed everyone on the planet, but many go hungry because the food system is broken. Join our movement to help GROW a better future and ensure that everyone has enough to eat.

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#Sahel2012 Will you act before it's too late?

In the Sahel region, 18 million people can't get enough to eat. Let's stand together to repair the broken food system - fix the cracks to keep the house standing.

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Food Speculation: a matter of life and death

Food prices are a matter of life and death to many in the developing world. This video by Oxfam Germany illustrates the consequences of excessive speculation with food commodities.

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Female Food Hero in Russia: Svetlana Maksimova

Svetlana Maksimova, a female farmer, started her farm in 1997 several years after collapse of Soviet Union when Russia was going through economic and political turmoil.

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Oxfam Ambassador Helena Christensen visits Turkana, Northern Kenya

Oxfam Ambassador and photographer Helena Christensen is back from Turkana, Northern Kenya -- one of the many regions in the Horn of Africa that have been affected by the severe drought that has put over 13 million people at risk.

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Female Food Heroes in Tanzania (2012)

This short video shows how 11 finalists were chosen from 6,000 entries for Female Food Hero, for their outstanding contribution to their community and agriculture. The winner Ester and the other 10 finalists proved that sometimes it is the unheard voices that make the loudest noise.

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Introducing 'The Doughnut': A safe and just space for humanity

Kate Raworth, Senior Researcher at Oxfam Great Britain introduces her discussion paper "A Safe and Just Space for Humanity: can we live within the doughnut?"

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GROW recipe competition: Flavio Solórzano cooks the winning recipe

Peruvian chef Flavio Solórzano cooks the winning dish from the GROW recipe competition. Diego Camacho from Trujillo, Peru won with his creation "Tribute to Pachamama", which celebrates the Andean goddess of agriculture and the work of small-scale women farmers.

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