Major carbon emitters must show contribution to UN negotiations

Published: 15 April 2008

This week’s meeting of the world’s biggest carbon emitters in Paris must set out constructive proposals that will advance UN negotiations under the Bali Roadmap, international organization Oxfam said today.

Oxfam is urging the rich countries among the major emitters to commit to deeper mandatory emissions cuts. They must also set aside substantial financial and technological resources to help poor countries adapt to the impacts of climate change.

"It's been nearly a year since this major emitters process was kicked-off at last year’s G8, and it was meant to work out proposals that could help advance negotiations under the UN. It's now time for countries involved to say what progress they've made and how it will support intergovernmental negotiations involving all countries," said Antonio Hill, Oxfam’s climate change spokesperson.

Oxfam is concerned that the needs of those countries most vulnerable to climate change are not being considered in France as more than 170 UN member states have not been invited to the meeting.

“The UN is the only legitimate international forum where all rich countries must agree ambitious targets and funding to address climate change. At best, the talks in Paris can contribute to that. The challenge of climate change is global. This means it needs a global solution and not one thought up by the countries most responsible for causing the problem,” said Hill.

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