Oxfam staff member killed in Darfur

Published: 2 August 2006

It is with deep sorrow that Oxfam announces that one of our staff members, Nouraldeen Abdalla Nourein, is believed to have been killed last Friday, 28 July, in West Darfur.

Armed men abducted Nouraldeen during a carjacking of an Oxfam vehicle in early May. Despite extensive efforts by Oxfam, the United Nations, the African Union, the local community, local authorities, and Nouraldeen’s family to trace him, we were unable to secure his release. We believe that he was taken to Chad and held there until recently.

We have been told that Nouraldeen was making his way back to Saraf Omra in North Darfur last week when he was caught up in fighting in Helelat village near Kulbus. We believe that he died there.

Nouraldeen worked with Oxfam as a driver, providing water and sanitation to communities in the rural areas near Saraf Omra. He was collecting sand to construct a well when the carjacking took place.

Oxfam temporarily closed its office in Saraf Omra at the end of June because Nouraldeen was still missing. While that office remains closed, we continue to operate in a number of other locations in North Darfur and in South and West Darfur.

Caroline Nursey, Oxfam Country Program Manager, 1 August 2006