Agriculture campaign - Updates

28 February 2011
International agency Oxfam today called for a radical shake up of the Food Aid Convention, being negotiated in London this week (week of 28 February), to ensure the burgeoning number of hungry people in the world get the predictable, timely and appropriate aid they need.
15 February 2011
The world’s leading economies must act now to stop the price of basic foods from surging further out of the reach of poor people. They must also commit to a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) to help millions of people hit by the economic crisis and climate change.
Women carrying water. Bazega, Kary, Burkina Faso. Photot: Tomás Abella/Oxfam
15 October 2010
UN countries began to find common ground on some important and deep-seated problems contributing to global hunger, at a meeting of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) that ends in Rome tomorrow.
11 October 2010
Growth is necessary but not sufficient to lift poor people out of poverty, international agency Oxfam said today as it published a briefing paper calling on the G20 to agree an historic new Seoul development consensus to help the world’s poorest.
11 October 2010
Countries from both the rich and the developing worlds must stop their recriminations and scepticism from derailing vital UN talks, beginning today, to find ways of helping feed the world's 925 million hungry people.
14 September 2010
The world can halve global hunger within five years says a new Oxfam report launched today. The launch of the report coincides with an announcement by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization that the number of hungry people worldwide has dropped to 925 million in the past year.