Crisis in Afghanistan - Updates

10 September 2013
Further action is urgently needed to recruit, train, retain and protect Afghan female police officers. This is critical for upholding the rights of Afghan women and girls in Afghanistan.
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18 November 2011
More than 2 million Afghans are at risk of hunger and many are bracing to be stranded for months without help as the country prepares for a harsh winter, Save the Children and Oxfam warned today.
6 October 2011
Famous women and men from throughout the world are backing the new Green Scarves for Solidarity campaign, which calls on world leaders to keep their promises to Afghan women 10 years since the start of military intervention in Afghanistan.
Afghani woman wearing a green scarf.
3 October 2011
The improvements for Afghan women’s rights gained over the last decade are at risk of slipping away and could be lost in a quick fix bargain for peace, Oxfam warned today.
20 September 2011
Nearly 3 million people across Afghanistan are facing severe food shortages as a result of drought, Oxfam warned today as it called on donor governments to act now before the crisis becomes a catastrophe.
10 May 2011
Coalition forces are not doing enough to prevent abuses by Afghan forces and have been too slow to address the issue as they prepare to hand over responsibility for security, Oxfam and other agencies said today.
21 March 2011
Millions of girls have entered school in Afghanistan, since the fall of the Taliban in 2001. It is one of the few good news stories of the last nine years. But the progress is in danger of slipping away, and Afghan girls, like Nafiza, still face many barriers to receiving an education.
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24 February 2011
Progress in girls’ education, one of the rare Afghan success stories of the last nine years and vital to the long-term development and stability of the country, is under threat, 16 aid agencies including Oxfam and CARE warned today in a new report.
16 February 2011
Ashley Jackson, Oxfam’s outgoing Head of Policy and Advocacy in Afghanistan, reflects on her experiences over the last two years in the country.
Ashley Jackson