Crisis in Syria: What Oxfam is doing - Updates

29 April 2013
The UN estimates that almost 7 million people in Syria need humanitarian assistance, including 4 million internally displaced. These photos show how Syrians are coping with this dramatic situation.
Life in Syria's conflict zone – photos
25 April 2013
More than a million refugees have now fled violence in Syria and are in desperate need of shelter, food and water.
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11 April 2013
The refugees crossing Syria’s borders every day are in desperate need of shelter, food, water and medical care. These images show their situation and how Oxfam and our partners are helping Syrian families in Jordan and Lebanon
Zeinab lives in Zaatari camp, Jordan. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam
4 April 2013
As thousands of Syrians continue to flee conflict every day, seeking safety in neighboring countries, aid agencies who are responding to the refugee crisis warn that the refugees risk being cut off from help as they seek shelter in Jordan’s towns and cities.
A Syrian refugee family in Jordan. Photo: Anastasia Taylor-Lind/Oxfam
28 February 2013
Syria’s humanitarian crisis is spinning out of control, leaving relief agencies overstretched and struggling to cope with a massive surge in refugee numbers and with promised funds still yet to arrive on the ground, warns international aid agency, Oxfam.
Refugees from Syria, Zaatari camp, Jordan. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam
20 February 2013
Syria's humanitarian crisis is dramatically deteriorating. Many have fled to neighboring countries. Oxfam is responding to urgent needs in Zaatari refugee camp.
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29 January 2013
Governments meeting at tomorrow’s humanitarian pledging conference in Kuwait need to generously give substantial funds or risk leaving Syrians out in the cold without the help they need.
Oxfam partner coordinating the distribution of blankets and food vouchers.
20 January 2013
Many families fled the fighting in Syria, to Lebanon, with little more than the clothes on their backs. Oxfam is there with humanitarian aid.
Syrian refugee families sit around a coal heater. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam