Climate Change campaign - Updates

8 October 2010
Establishing a new Global Climate Fund that is fair, accessible and accountable, and agreeing on a pathway for a binding agreement, are essential building blocks that must be achieved in Cancun.
6 October 2010
The poorest people who need the most help to adapt to a changing climate are largely being bypassed by the small amount of climate funds now being disbursed, says a new Oxfam report published today at the UN climate change talks in Tianjin, China.
3 October 2010
World leaders could make significant progress toward a climate fund for developing countries when the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC) resumes talks in Tianjin , China.
27 September 2010
The shipping industry can do more to tackle climate change and raise billions of dollars to help poor countries cope with its devastating impact. A major meeting of the IMO – the international shipping regulators – is starting in London today.
3 September 2010
Oxfam welcomed the launch of a new website by the Dutch Minister of the Environment today ( which aims to collect and present details about climate finance pledges from developed countries.
6 August 2010
As the latest round of UNFCCC talks on climate change draw to a close today, Oxfam warns that there has been a clear lowering of expectations ahead of the next UN climate summit in Cancun which will stall the progress needed unless negotiations step up several gears.
28 July 2010
International agency Oxfam has apologized to the Government of Saudi Arabia and to the Bureau, secretariat and members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for an offensive incident that occurred at a meeting in Bonn in June.
21 April 2009
In six years time the number of people affected by climatic crises is projected to rise by 54 per cent to 375 million people.
Training exercise in Haiti to learn how to save lives in a flood.
Training exercise in Haiti to learn how to save lives in a flood.