East Africa food crisis - Updates

11 July 2011
For the last five months, Oxfam, with the community’s help, has been building a borehole in Hindeysa, a remote village in drought-hit Ethiopia. When the finishing touches are completed, they will have a reliable source of abundant water – 5 liters per second of it, in fact.
Shamsedin Afen, 20, Hindeysa, Ethiopia. Photo: Sophie McGrath/Oxfam
11 July 2011
Tens of thousands of Somali refugees fleeing the worsening food crisis and ongoing conflict in the Horn of Africa are being barred from a new aid camp that stands empty and unused while refugee families live in shocking conditions a few kilometers away.
10 July 2011
Actress Kristin Davis has been visiting the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya with Oxfam, to see the devastating impact of the drought. More than 10 million people are facing desperate food shortages in the worst food crisis of the 21st century.
Oxfam ambassador Kristin Davis visits Dadaab refugee camp Photo: Andy Hall/Oxfam
8 July 2011
Yet again, millions of Kenyans are staring hunger in the face as a result of a severe drought and increasing fuel and food prices. Oxfam is expanding our water and sanitation programs, distributing food, providing cash for work, and helping protect livestock.
Pastoralist communities are now reliant on food aid, Kenya. Photo: Andy Hall/Oxf
8 July 2011
While the international community has stepped up to help those impacted by mega-emergencies, such as the earthquake in Haiti or the floods in Pakistan, unfortunately, “slow-onset” humanitarian crises, such as the worsening drought in the Horn in Africa, have not received the same attention.
Pastoralist communities are now reliant on food aid, Kenya. Photo: Andy Hall/Oxf
7 July 2011
Large parts of East Africa are facing the world's worst food crisis. More than 12 million people in East Africa are facing desperate food shortages following the worst drought in 60 years. Oxfam's emergency team explains how your donations will help save lives.
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4 July 2011
Oxfam today launched its largest ever appeal in Africa in response to a massive food crisis facing more than 12 million people across Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. The agency needs $80 million to reach 3 million people in dire need of clean water, food and basic sanitation.
Carcasses of dead sheep and goats stretch across the landscape, Somaliland. Phot
21 April 2011
Launched with local Somali partner SAACID in September 2009, Oxfam's innovative community care program to address malnutrition in Mogadishu has reached 136,000 children. Here is the story of one of these children, Mohamed, who recovered from severe illness and malnutrition.
Mohamed and his mother, Fadumo. Photo: Oxfam