Aids leaflet on program work in Manipur, India

Published: 25 April 2006

In India the HIV/AIDS epidemic is more than 15 years old. The national HIV prevalence rate has risen from 0.1 per cent in 1986, to 0.8 per cent in 2001 – an eight-fold increase in 15 years. Conservative estimates by the government say that perhaps as many as 4.5 million Indians are living with HIV/AIDS. In six states, more than one per cent of the population is HIV positive. Given India’s large population, each 0.1 per cent increase in the prevalence rate would increase the number of adults living with HIV/AIDS by over half a million people. As elsewhere in the world, it is poor and marginalized people, and especially women, who are most vulnerable. Oxfam’s work on HIV/AIDS is being implemented through local Indian NGOs partners. This leaflet explores lessons learnt from working with one partner in the State of Manipur.