Reports and papers for the GROW Campaign

Synthesis of an online debate
Discussion paper
30 July, 2013
Maya Manzi, independent consultant; Gine Zwart, Policy Advisor Sustainable Livelihoods, Oxfam Novib
Why tackling inequality and hunger should be at the heart of low carbon development in South Africa
Discussion paper
27 May, 2013
Tim Gore, Head of Policy, Advocacy and Research for Oxfam’s GROW campaign & Liz McDaid, Environmentalist and independent consultant
Intermediary lending and development finance
Discussion paper
17 April, 2012
Sasanka Thilakasiri, Oxfam International; Rob Nash, Oxfam GB; and Anne Perrault, Centre for International Environmental Law
Can we live within the doughnut?
Discussion paper
13 February, 2012
Kate Raworth, Senior Researcher, OxfamGB
Discussion paper
20 July, 2011
Alex Evans, Center on International Cooperation at New York University
International investment treaties, state-investor disputes and access to food, land and water
Discussion paper
3 June, 2011
Javier Perez, Intermon Oxfam, Myriam Gistelinck, Oxfam Solidarité, Dima Karbala, MPA-ID Harvard University
Discussion paper
31 May, 2011
Alex Evans, Center on International Cooperation, New York University
The G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Burkina Faso
National campaign report
22 May, 2014
Jean-Cyril Dagorn, food security advocacy officer, Oxfam France and Issaka Ouandaogo, GROW campaign officer, Oxfam in Burkina Faso
Expanding rights, voices and choices for small-scale farmers
National campaign report
16 October, 2012
Bert Maerten, Associate Country Director, Oxfam Hong Kong and Le Nguyet Minh, Associate Country Director, Oxfam America
Philippine Food Justice Report
National campaign report
28 October, 2011
Jeanne Frances Illo, economist and Research Associate, Women and Gender Institute of Miriam College; and Dante Dalabajan, policy and research officer for Oxfam in the Philippines
Grow a better future for food justice
National campaign report
26 September, 2011
Swati Narayan, independent food and education policy specialist
Fit for a food-and energy-secure world?
Policy paper
3 June, 2014
Kiri Hanks, Climate Policy Adviser Oxfam GB, and Lies Craeynest, EU Economic Justice Policy Advisor, Oxfam International
Reforming the G8’s public–private partnership on agriculture and food security
Policy paper
25 September, 2013
Eric Munoz
Putting small-scale, family producers at the center of a fair food production system in Latin America and the Caribbean
Policy paper
23 July, 2013
Gabriela Alcaraz V., Regional Research Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean
The European Union's role in delivering food justice in a resource-constrained world
Policy paper
16 April, 2012
Marc-Olivier Herman, Lies Craeynest
The 2012 drought, Russian farmers, and the challenges of adapting to extreme weather events
Research case study
30 September, 2013
Daria Ukhova, Regional Research Officer
The limits of corporate social responsibility – the case of the company Desarrollo Agrícola del Paraguay
Research case study
27 August, 2013
Arantxa Guereña
Research case study
21 September, 2011
Matt Grainger, Oxfam; Kate Geary, Oxfam
Much achieved, more to do
Research case study
15 June, 2011
Kate Kilpatrick
Research case study
31 May, 2011
Swati Narayan
Research report
16 November, 2011
Charlotte Sterrett, Climate Concern, Melbourne, Australia
How to ensure future food production under climate change in Southern Africa
Research report
9 November, 2011
Katharine Vincent, Alec Joubert, and Tracy Cull, Kulima Integrated Development Solutions; John Magrath, Oxfam GB; Peter Johnston, Climate Systems Analysis Group, University of Cape Town
What will work for women?
Research report
12 September, 2011
Elizabeth Arend and Sonia Lowman, Gender Action
The case of the ECOWAS regional agriculture policy
Research report
9 September, 2011
Jean-Denis Crola, independent consultant; Saya Saulière, Intermón Oxfam
The contribution of different farming models to poverty alleviation, climate resilience and women’s empowerment
Research report
22 July, 2011
Genia Kostka and Jenny Scharrer, independent consultants
Impact and adaptation policies and practices
Research report
13 July, 2011
Ana Romero, Adama Belemvire, independent consultants, and Saya Saulière, Intermón Oxfam
How is the 2011 food price crisis affecting poor people?
Research report
21 June, 2011
Naomi Hossain and Duncan Green
Research report
31 May, 2011
D. Willenbockel, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK
The production challenge
Research report
26 April, 2011
Lucia Wegner (Senior development economist and independent consultant) and Gine Zwart (Senior policy advisor, Oxfam Novib)