tax avoidance

tax avoidance

World Tax Summit

Corporate tax dodging drives poverty and inequality. It sucks billions out of countries across the world, contributing to the growing gap between rich and poor. But people in the poorest countries are hit the hardest. They rely on that money to pay for services like schools and hospitals; the services which play a vital role in tackling inequality and escaping poverty.

What’s worse is that governments across the world are letting corporate giants get away without paying their fair share.

The Paraisópolis favela borders the affluent district of Morumbi in São Paulo, Brazil (2008). Photo: Tuca Vieira

85 individuals have the same wealth as half the people on our planet. It is time to Even it up!

Tax evasion damaging poor country economies

Multinational tax evasion is entrenching poverty and weakening developing country economies, Oxfam has warned ahead of the G20 leaders meeting in Russia to chart a plan for boosting global economic growth.

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