Oxfam's Alun McDonald reports on East Africa drought (BBC)

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  • Author: BBC
  • Copyright: BBC (used with permission)
  • Date: 18 July 2011

Oxfam's Alun McDonald reports on the desparate situation for thousands of people arriving across the border from Somalia to the Dadaab refugee camp, in Kenya.

"It's one of the worst situations I've ever seen."

Women and children are walking for days or weeks to arrive at a camp that is already overflowing and overcrowded.

Alun also describes the causes behind the current humanitarian crisis – a combination of the poor rains this year, chronic drought, entrenched poverty,and a lack of investment in affected areas.

Oxfam aims to reach approximately 750,000 people in Somalia, one million in Ethiopia, and 1.3 million in Kenya with clean water and basic sanitation. We will also distribute cash and food in Kenya and Ethiopia.

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