GROW-ing women food champions (2013)

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  • Author: Oxfam
  • Copyright: Oxfam
  • Date: 14 June 2013

More than 6000 women farmers and producers filled in a nomination form to be recognized as Mama SujaWaChakula, a Woman Champion.

This innovative idea from GROW campaigners in Tanzania enabled these women's voices and faces to reach more than half of Tanzania's total population.

The woman champions' photos and profiles appeared in newspapers. Their stories were on radio and TV every day for two weeks.

The top 11 went on to receive intensive training. They visited a food processing company and learned about telecommunications.

On the final day, all 11 of them were on stage for the first time in their life and the minister for community development recognized the outstanding contribution and challenges these women facedeach day to feed themselves, their family and their community.

But the journey does not stop here. There they will connect with other women to continue working to empower women throughout the world.

Globally millions of women who are small-scale farmers and producers and whose work feeds the world are unrecognized, unsupported, unheard.

It's time to find and support your own woman champions and make their voices heard.

Women rally for their rights. Photo: Oxfam
Gender justice

Discrimination and injustice are major causes of poverty worldwide. And ensuring women and men benefit equally from our work is a vital part of what we do.


The United Republic of Tanzania is the largest of the East African countries. 42.5 million people live in Tanzania's 947,300 km² territory.