Oxfam reacts to the Democratic Republic of Congo Humanitarian Conference

Published: 13 February 2006

Brussels: Donor countries meeting in Brussels to raise urgent humanitarian funds for the DRC fell short of delivering what is needed, Oxfam International said today, as many countries preferred to delay firm pledges. Meeting for a one-day conference to launch the UN-led Humanitarian Action Plan, donors agreed to fund less than $100 million, compared to the $682 million requested.

The conference ended without a firm timeline for pledges to be made, Oxfam observed.

There have been more than 4 million deaths in 8 years, an estimated 1,200 people die every day and the DRC is one of the world’s deadliest battlegrounds. Oxfam is calling on donor countries to make firm pledges by the beginning of March to ensure the Action Plan is funded.

“Although this was not formally a pledging conference, donors know what is at stake and that any delay in decisions cost lives. By March 1st, 20,000 people will have died while rich countries take time to reflect,” said Stefaan Declercq of Oxfam.

Oxfam released a report today, "Meeting real needs: a major change for donors to the Democratic Republic of the Congo" calling on donors to support the humanitarian appeal for $682 million according to their national income to provide urgently needed aid for 42 million Congolese.

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