Conflicts and Disasters - Updates

12 March 2013
Draft Arms Trade Treaty text littered with loopholes which need fixing urgently to save lives.
Fusil, RD Congo. Photo : Simon Rawles/ Oxfam
20 November 2012
An Israeli airstrike has destroyed one Oxfam supported, left another damaged in North West Gaza City.
10 August 2012
Oxfam received the support from a group of African activists, singers, writers and performers to raise awareness around the continuing food crisis that is now affecting the Sahel region. We hope to raise an additional $20 million in order to reach 1.8 million people.
Flavio Renegado, musician, Brazil. Photo: Charlotte Wales/Oxfam
28 July 2012
The fight to end the illegal and irresponsible arms trade goes on after delegates at the United Nations failed to reach consensus and agree an Arms Trade Treaty. Final text disappointing but not the end of the story.
Campaigners for the Control Arms Coalition at the UN.  Photo: Andrew Kelly/Contr