Crisis in South Sudan - Updates

27 May 2014
The current conflict in South Sudan has left thousands dead and displaced more than one million people. Oxfam is currently supporting people affected by the conflict with clean water, sanitation and emergency food security.
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19 May 2014
As rains cut off humanitarian access and increase risk of the spread of disease, increased donor funding is critical to saving lives in South Sudan
Mingkaman IDPs camp, Awerial, South Sudan. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam
15 May 2014
International agency Oxfam called today for a massive and rapid global surge in the aid effort to help millions of people at acute risk of hunger and disease in South Sudan saying that the crisis has reached a ‘now or never moment’ to avoid catastrophic levels of hunger and suffering.
Martha Nyandit, Mingkaman IDP camp. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam
22 April 2014
When he was threatened at gunpoint two days after fighting broke out in South Sudan, David de Dau refused to play along. Instead, he has been using his privilege to save the lives of his neighbors.
David de Dau. Photo: Stella Madete/Oxfam
15 April 2014
When fighting broke out in South Sudan, Ayak Chuol chose to stay with her elderly brother instead of fleeing to safety. And when push came to shove, they were saved by a brave young stranger.
Ayak Chuol. Photo: Mackenzie Knowles Coursin/Oxfam
23 February 2014
Today Oxfam withdraws four aid workers who have been trapped by fighting in Malakal while raising a further alarm over a lack of humanitarian access across the country.
Oxfam staff safely withdrawn from Malakal violence, South Sudan. Photo: Oxfam
24 January 2014
While yesterday’s ceasefire is a sign of political progress, efforts to support the more than 50,000 South Sudanese refugees in Uganda remain grossly under resourced, and host communities are being pushed to the breaking point.
Fleeing the violence, Juba, South Sudan. Photo: Anita Kattakhuzy/Oxfam
17 January 2014
Civilians fleeing from conflict in South Sudan are spiralling into debt and leaving behind important assets in their desperate search for safety.
People arrive at dawn to Awerial, after fleeing Bor. Photo: Grace Cahill/Oxfam
6 January 2014
Extreme violence and other human rights abuses in South Sudan must cease immediately as direct mediation talks between leaders of conflicting parties begin in Ethiopia.
Oxfam water, sanitation supplies arrives in South Sudan. Photo: Oxfam