Food crisis and conflict in Somalia - Updates

7 May 2013
Suffering is often all the world sees of Somali people. Yet, that picture is incomplete. Petterik Wiggers photos show their love for family, celebration, humor, new life, restoration, hope and pride in the face of adversity.
Somalia: a different perspective
18 November 2011
As more heads of state publicly support the military action in Somalia, Oxfam called on international leaders to refocus on addressing the crippling famine in the country.
21 April 2011
Launched with local Somali partner SAACID in September 2009, Oxfam's innovative community care program to address malnutrition in Mogadishu has reached 136,000 children. Here is the story of one of these children, Mohamed, who recovered from severe illness and malnutrition.
Mohamed and his mother, Fadumo. Photo: Oxfam
24 January 2011
Somalia is suffering its worst drought in years and failed rains are already devastating half a million lives, international aid agency Oxfam warned today. An ongoing conflict in the country together with the drought has pushed hundreds of thousands of Somalis beyond their ability to cope.
16 June 2010
In observance of the Day of the African Child, Oxfam urges the international community to act now to save the lives of almost a quarter of a million children in Somalia threatened by conflict, malnutrition and disease.
18 December 2008
Oxfam has been working with a local partner, the Center for Education and Development, in Southern Somalia - providing assistance to over 8,000 vulnerable people to build a working sanitation system.
Jamila, her grandson, and an Oxfam partner, Afgooye, Somalia. Credit: Oxfam