Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Updates

27 January 2014
People living in North and South Kivu, DRC are still facing daily threats, extortion and violence at the hands of armed groups and government forces.
The road between Kashuga-Mweso, Masisi, North Kivu. Photo: Therese Wagner/Oxfam
11 November 2013
The M23 has been defeated militarily and today are set to sign a peace agreement with the government, but dozens of armed groups remain in eastern DRC, exposing civilians to daily violence.
Woman and child, eastern DRC. Photo: Oxfam
24 February 2013
A framework for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo will fail to end the suffering of millions of peopleunless concrete actions are taken.
23 January 2013
Oxfam's Louis Belanger reports from Mugunga camp in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where we are supplying water and sanitation to 50,000 people who have recently fled the ongoing conflict.
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18 December 2012
More than one million people are at risk of militia, rebel and army attacks, with little or no protection from the government or UN peacekeepers.
Building Oxfam latrines, Mugunga camp, DRC. Photo: Katie Holt/Oxfam
26 September 2012
Tens of thousands of people in eastern Congo have recently fled violence in their home communities and are now living in camps just outside Goma. Oxfam and our partners are doing all we can to provide basic humanitarian assistance.
Eastern DRC: Refugee camps near Goma – photos
7 August 2012
Millions of people in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo are now at the mercy of militias as the country's long-running conflict descends into widespread lawlessness with killing, kidnapping and abuse against the population at alarming levels.
Photo: A woman and two children in a makeshift camp
30 July 2012
Thousands of people are now seeking refuge in Kibati, Nyiragongo territory, on the outskirts of Goma, eastern DRC. Oxfam will be supplying water and sanitation to the community. The recent influx of internally displaced people here is the direct consequence of the conflict that continues to devastate the country.
Photo: Jeanne, 26