Health & Education For All - Updates

1 December 2011
Governments which have failed to pay their contributions to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis are guilty of breaking their own promise to extend HIV treatment just months after they made it, Oxfam said today.
28 November 2011
Government negotiators meeting in Busan, South Korea are working through the night in a last ditch effort to reach a deal on the future of global aid
16 November 2011
Donor government negotiators are considering scrapping the global aid monitoring system that keeps donors honest and improves the quality of their foreign assistance, Oxfam warns.
4 November 2011
At the 2011 G20 Summit in Cannes, Bill Nighy joined Oxfam and others from around the world to urge leaders there to back a financial transaction (a.k.a. Robin Hood) tax.
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2 November 2011
Aid from rich nations is likely to fall by at least $9.5 billion by the end of 2012 – the biggest drop in aid for 15 years, according to new calculations by international agency Oxfam ahead of this week’s G20 Summit (Nov 3-4).
23 October 2011
“Five Years since the introduction of Financial Transaction Taxes: What leaders made it happen? What has the tax achieved?”
EU leaders with green Robin Hood masks