Health & Education For All - Updates

29 April 2011
Sierra Leone used to be the worst place in the world to give birth. On 28 April last year, the government of Sierra Leone took a huge step in the fight to reduce maternal and child deaths by making health care free for pregnant and lactating mothers and children under the age of five.
Credit: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam
6 April 2011
Faltering overseas aid figures announced today are depriving poor countries of a massive $18bn worth of life-saving aid, at a time when 64 million more people globally have been pushed into poverty by the financial crisis.
9 March 2011
A major health insurance scheme in Ghana that the World Bank is pushing as a success model for other developing countries is severely flawed and not working for most Ghanaians, according to a new report by international agency Oxfam and Ghanaian NGOs.
8 March 2011
The European Parliament today adopted a report advocating the EU press ahead with the introduction of a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) on a unilateral basis to raise money for public goods.