Crisis in Syria: What Oxfam is doing - Updates

21 November 2013
A new survey of more than 1500 people has given one of the clearest pictures yet of the harsh economic struggle facing refugees who have fled from Syria to Lebanon.
The Gharab family  inside a one room house, Abreen. Photo: Simon Tarling/Oxfam
7 October 2013
Oxfam ships 20 tons of emergency water and sanitation aid to Syria. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far to help us provide these desperately needed supplies and equipment.
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19 September 2013
New Oxfam research reveals that many donor countries are failing to provide their share of the urgently-needed funding for the humanitarian response to the Syria crisis.
Muhammad's family fled Syria for Lebanon. Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam
5 September 2013
World leaders attending the G20 summit must seize this opportunity and make real progress on helping find a political solution to the Syria crisis.
Hussein Ammar, from Qusayr, Syria, reunited with his mother. Sam Tarling/Oxfam
25 July 2013
More than 1.8 million Syrians have fled their homes and are now living in neighboring countries. Life is tough and the month of Ramadan makes them think of home more than ever.
Children looking at a crescent moon.
Children looking at a crescent moon.
15 June 2013
Sending more arms to Syria will only increase the bloodshed, says Oxfam
6 May 2013
Leka'a is a young Syrian woman. She is one of over 100,000 refugees from Syria coping with life in Za'atari refugee camp.
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30 April 2013
The world risks failing the people of Syria as the scale of suffering increases and the humanitarian fall-out from the crisis worsens by the day.
Aid agency calls for improved humanitarian access to Syria as needs escalate