Crisis in Mali - Updates

31 January 2014
Ahead of the Sahel Appeal to be launched by the United Nations on the 3rd February 2014 in Rome, 11 humanitarian agencies warn that northern Mali is set to face another serious food crisis unless funds are rapidly mobilized.
Food vouchers distribution in Kayes, Mali, July 2012. Photo: Simon Rawles/Oxfam
10 October 2013
Oxfam and WILDAF conducted a survey in June 2013 of almost 2,000 people originating from the north of Mali, in order to understand the impact of conflict on social relations and the prospects for reconciliation.
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16 May 2013
Malian musicians tell how conflict has devastated the North of the country and how people are working across the divides for peace and development.
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25 April 2013
Northern Mali will descend to emergency levels of food insecurity in less than two months if the security situation and humanitarian access to vulnerable communities do not improve.
Carte de la sécurité alimentaire au Mali en juin 2013 (Cadre harmonisé)
20 March 2013
A serious food security crisis is developing in the Gao region of northern Mali due to a shortage of cereals on the market, rocketing food prices and restricted access. An Oxfam survey has found that up to 80 per cent of adults have reduced their daily food intake, in order to allow their children to eat at least twice a day.
4 February 2013
In areas of northern Mali the price of food and fuel is rocketing as supplies start to dry up after looting following recent military operations, and with traders who have fled the area failing to return amid growing numbers of reports of reprisal attacks.
Hygiene training for kids at Mentao refugee camp, Burkina Faso. Photo: Oxfam
29 January 2013
International agency Oxfam appealed to the UK government to ensure that training on international humanitarian and human rights law is prioritized in its dispatch of military advisors to Mali.
Mentao refugee camp in Burkina Faso. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam
28 January 2013
Latest estimates indicate that household food stocks in and around Gao will only last few weeks.
Woman working in a vegetable garden, Mali. Photo: Charles Bambara/Oxfam
22 January 2013
The aid effort to help over 147,000 Malian refugees could be overwhelmed as conflict escalates, unless there is a significant shift in the way aid operations are carried out.
Malian refugees arriving in Fassala camp. Photo: Oxfam