Climate Change campaign - Updates

23 December 2011
Drought is making it difficult for herding families in southern Ethiopia to earn a living from their livestock. Some people have decided to try a new approach: irrigated farming. With Oxfam's help, they are adapting to the changing climate by tapping the Dawa River for water.
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19 December 2011
The UN Climate Change Conference in South Africa, COP17, has come to a close but the battle against climate change continues. In this film we look at the outcomes from Durban and the broader issues around getting a global climate deal to keep warming below two degrees.
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29 November 2011
At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa, the global shipping industry, Oxfam and WWF have joined forces to suggest to governments how the further reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping might best be regulated.
6 June 2011
A new study for Oxfam reveals that developing countries are pledging to cut their emissions of greenhouse gases by more than developed countries. Oxfam estimates that over 60 per cent of emissions cuts by 2020 are likely to be made by developing countries.
4 April 2011
A-FAB, ASEAN for a Fair, Ambitious and Binding Climate Deal, a regional coalition composed of Greenpeace, Oxfam and WWF, calls upon leaders of Association of Southeast Asian Nations to take a higher ground in the latest rounds of UN climate negotiations that began in Bangkok today.
Activists at Bangkok UN climate meeting. Photo: Greenpeace
4 March 2011
In November 2010 Mamtaz Begum, a young widow from Barguna, stood up and demanded justice for vulnerable communities near to the Bay of Bengal at a 'Climate Tribunal' in the capital, Dhaka. Watch her compelling story.
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