Climate Change campaign - Updates

23 November 2010
Dirty industries are blocking the European Union from making more ambitious cuts to its greenhouse gas emissions while, at the same time, making millions in profits from existing environment policy, says a new report by international agency Oxfam.
22 November 2010
Oxfam Global Ambassador and photographer Helena Christensen today completed a visit to Nepal with international agency, Oxfam, to raise awareness through her photography of the effects of climate change.
Helena Christensen visited Peru with Oxfam in 2009. Photo: Philip Riches
22 November 2010
Oxfam Global Ambassadors call on international negotiators to protect the world’s poor from climate catastrophe at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun.
4 November 2010
A new report from the UN’s High-level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing (AGF) makes it crystal clear that raising the public money to help poor countries build resilience to climate change is possible without putting the squeeze on taxpayers.
25 October 2010
Oxfam's EU Climate Change Policy Adviser, Tim Gore, explains the key issues around climate finance and the UN Climate talks, from the October 2010 UN Climate Talks in Tianjin, China, to the December Summit in Cancun.
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14 October 2010
EU environment ministers could break through the dominance of China and the US that prevented progress at the Tianjin climate talks by making key decisions on climate finance when they meet in Luxembourg today, says international agency Oxfam.
9 October 2010
As climate negotiations in Tianjin, China, closed today, international development agency Oxfam said the outline of an agreement on a set of decisions at the Cancun summit in December are beginning to appear, but governments will need to work with real urgency to achieve real progress this year.