Oxfam International reaction to G8 outcome

Published: 1 November 2005

Head of Policy, Jo Leadbeater, outlines Oxfam's response to the outcome of the G8 Summit:

Head of Policy, Jo Leadbeater, outlines Oxfam's response to the outcome of the G8 Summit:

“The G8 have recognized today that this is the beginning, not the end, of their efforts to overcome poverty. The world’s richest nations have delivered welcome progress for the world’s poorest people, but the outcome here in Gleneagles has fallen short of the hopes of the millions around the world campaigning for a momentous breakthrough.”

Aid: The G8 have announced they will increase aid by an extra $50bn by 2010.

“The G8’s aid increase could save the lives of five million children by 2010 – but 50 million children’s lives will still be lost because the G8 didn’t go as far as they should have done.

“If the $50bn increase had kicked in immediately, it could have lifted 300 million people out of poverty in the next five years.”

Debt: The G8 leaders have confirmed their finance ministers’ agreement on debt cancellation, and the Paris Club deal to tackle Nigeria’s debt.

However they have not gone further to include more desperately poor countries such as Sri Lanka, Kenya and Vietnam.

Trade: "G8 leaders failed today to kick-start stalled global trade talks.

There was some positive language in the Communique about poor countries being able to export their products to the rich world. Sadly, the G8 stopped short of setting an end date for scrapping their damaging agricultural export subsidies.

The rich countries must change their negotiating position in the trade talks immediately, well before the next WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong at the end of the year, if people in poor countries are to be given a fair chance to work their way out of poverty."

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