Haiti earthquake: 4 years later - Updates

11 January 2014
Four years after the tragic earthquake, Haitian national institutions, civil society, communities and citizens are leading reconstruction and development in the country.
Water canal construction, Haiti. Photo: Oxfam
14 January 2013
Three years on, over one million Haitians are still in need of humanitarian aid. Our three year photo gallery offers an insight into how the situation, and our work there, has evolved during this time.
An engineer examines water quality of a river near Gressier camp. Photo: Oxfam
Esline Belcombe, 25, president of a water committee
12 January 2012
It is now two years since the most powerful earthquake in Haiti in 200 years struck the capital city of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding metropolitan area. We've shifted our focus now to longer-term development.
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10 January 2012
In a report released today, Oxfam urged the Haitian Government and countries that have pledged money for rebuilding to accelerate reconstruction of the country.
5 September 2011
An internal investigation carried out by aid agency, Oxfam Great Britain, has confirmed cases of misconduct by a small number of its staff members working in Haiti.
8 August 2011
Oxfam has launched an internal investigation into allegations of misconduct against a small number of Oxfam Great Britain staff in Haiti. Staff members have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, which is expected to be completed by September.
12 July 2011
Leadership from the new Haitian government is urgently needed to relocate the 630,000 people who are still living under tents and tarpaulins.
13 January 2011
For the 89 families crowded into tents on a strip of land in Gressier, an hour’s drive outside of Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince, uncertainty has become the daily constant in their lives.
Oxfam has built latrines. Photo : Chris Hufstader/Oxfam
12 January 2011
Oxfam is providing support to 1.2 million people in Haiti through our earthquake response and cholera prevention programs. The first year of our humanitarian response in photos.
Oxfam aid en route to Haiti. Photo: Ivan Muñoz/Intermon Oxfam