Food Crisis in Sahel - Updates

16 April 2013
In a new report, 'Learning the Lessons', international agency Oxfam says that the aid community needs to fundamentally change the way it deals with food crises in the region and help communities to better prepare for recurring emergencies.
Harne Waddaye, aged 60, Louga village, Chad. Photo: Oxfam
22 January 2013
The aid effort to help over 147,000 Malian refugees could be overwhelmed as conflict escalates, unless there is a significant shift in the way aid operations are carried out.
Malian refugees arriving in Fassala camp. Photo: Oxfam
10 August 2012
Oxfam received the support from a group of African activists, singers, writers and performers to raise awareness around the continuing food crisis that is now affecting the Sahel region. We hope to raise an additional $20 million in order to reach 1.8 million people.
Flavio Renegado, musician, Brazil. Photo: Charlotte Wales/Oxfam
8 August 2012
These photos, taken in Burkina Faso in June 2012, show the alarming situation in the Sahel region: More than 18 million people are in urgentneed of humanitarian aid. Oxfam hopes to reach 1.8 million people with aid.
A woman during the distribution of seeds in Fanka community, Burkina Faso
7 August 2012
Bonnie Wright, known for playing Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, recently visited Senegal with us in July to see firsthand how the food crisis in the Sahel region of West Africa is affecting vulnerable communities, and to learn about what Oxfam’s doing to support them.
Bonnie Wright chats with Dieynasa Ba. Photo: Harry Borden/Oxfam
2 August 2012
Bonnie Wright Oxfam Ambassador visited Senegal in July 2012 to shed light on the food crisis affecting the Sahel region of West Africa. She looks at how Oxfam and you can help make a difference.
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30 July 2012
Senegalese singer Baaba Maal today launched a personal appeal to raise $5,000 for communities facing a food crisis in the Sahel region of West and Central Africa.
Baaba Maal avec Oxfam en Mauritanie. Photo : Pablo Tosco/Oxfam
24 July 2012
Malian musician Afel Bocoum who worked with Damon Albarn on Mali Music Unplugged describes the food crisis affecting his country and the wider Sahel region of West Africa.
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17 June 2012
Donors attending Monday’s pledging conference in Brussels must address a massive funding shortfall – over $900 million - on work needed to tackle the food crisis in the Sahel.
Etta Brahim Senussi and her family are struggling to cope. Chad. Photo: Andy Hal
9 May 2012
In the Sahel region of West Africa, families are facing a grim reality. A food crisis is now threatening more than 18 miillion people. Without help they won't get enough to eat.
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