Pakistan floods - Updates

5 March 2013
Hundreds of thousands of people affected by Pakistan’s 2012 floods disaster still need urgent help both to meet their immediate needs and to rebuild their homes and livelihoods.
Drainage channel, Sanghar District, Pakistan. Credit: Jane Beesley/Oxfam
31 July 2012
Lack of funds and limited relief stocks will severely hamper the Pakistan government’s and aid agencies’ ability to respond to further flooding this monsoon season, a consortium of 51 international and more than 150 national humanitarian organisations warned today.
A man and his children looking at their flooded home, Pakistan. Photo: Oxfam
17 February 2012
It has been six months since the 2011-12 monsoon rains caused severe flooding in Sindh, affecting nearly five million people. Oxfam is there, helping people rebuild their lives.
Pathani, 65, shows her beneficiary identification card. Photo: Asim Hafeez/Oxfam
16 February 2012
Six months after floods devastated Sindh and parts of Balochistan province, millions of Pakistanis still need help to survive, international and national aid agencies warned today. The coalition of agencies also said that a lackluster response from the international funders is seriously threatening flood hit communities' chances of coping with the next monsoon season and called on the Pakistani government to boost its efforts to limit the impact of future disasters.
Pathani, 65, shows her beneficiary identification card. Photo: Asim Hafeez/Oxfam
30 November 2011
This Oxfam documentary shows how floods impact women in Pakistan. Floods makes their lives difficult, but the lack of aid is making it even more difficult.
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30 November 2011
Three months after widespread flooding that has affected over 5 million people in southern Pakistan, a critical shortage of funding and broad international disinterest has left millions of people at risk of illness, malnutrition and cold as the winter closes in.
A Hindu community in a makeshift camp along the road in Sindh. Photo: Sam Phelps
15 November 2011
Oxfam ran special 'cash-for-work' programs to help those whose livelihoods were washed away by last year's devastating floods in Pakistan get back on their feet. In this video, Ali Hassan collects and cashes a check for some of the work he's done.
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8 October 2011
Commitments that were made by governments in 2005 to ensure that people are better prepared for disasters in Pakistan have fallen short and will not be met by the deadline of 2015.
3 October 2011
The gains made and the lives saved through flood-relief activities in Pakistan are in jeopardy as critical emergency-response supplies run low
People flee the waters with their belongings. Sindh, Pakistan. Photo: Oxfam
27 September 2011
International aid agency Oxfam expressed alarm over the floods in Sindh and Balochistan provinces, as only $1.30 has been committed per person by international donors in the first 10 days of the UN appeal as opposed to $3.20 committed in the same period during last year’s floods.