Pakistan floods - Updates

20 September 2011
Building a latrine in a camp in Sindh, Pakistan: timelapse video. Together with our partners in the Shikapur district, we've installed 244 emergency latrines, at a cost of just 2,000 rupees each ($22.80). In the past year, Oxfam has helped 2.4 million people affected by the Pakistan floods.
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19 September 2011
While more than seven million people have been affected by the floods in Sindh since they began less than 50 days ago, Oxfam is urgently calling on the international donor community to expedite its response in order to give critical and life-saving relief to those in need.
16 September 2011
As rains continue to lash the flood ravaged Sindh province in Pakistan, Oxfam warns of a severe risk of a public health crisis if clean water and sanitation is not urgently provided.
15 September 2011
Oxfam is responding with humanitarian aid to those affected by fresh flooding in Sindh province in Pakistan. Oxfam aims to reach nearly 850,000 people with clean water, sanitation, and rescue, as well as help people access food and resume earning a liviing.
A man with his livestock on a donkey cart, Pakistan. Photo: Tariq Malik/Oxfam
14 September 2011
International aid agency Oxfam is mounting an emergency response to get aid to those affected by fresh flooding in Sindh province in Pakistan. This is the second year of flooding in Pakistan, and many of those affected had not fully recovered from last year’s mega-floods.
9 September 2011
In 2010 Pakistan was hit by its worst natural disaster. More than 1,750 people are thought to have died, with an estimated 18-20 million people affected by the floods.
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12 August 2011
An independent financial investigation commissioned by Oxfam Great Britain has confirmed that fraud occurred in one of its programs for flood relief in Sindh, Pakistan.
26 July 2011
One year on from the worst flooding in its history, Pakistan is still not prepared for this year’s monsoon floods and other natural disasters, international aid agency Oxfam warned today.
Flooded fields Layyah district. Credit: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam
6 June 2011
Oxfam's regular monitoring processes have found financial irregularities in an Oxfam program for flood relief in Sindh, Pakistan. Oxfam takes transparency and accountability extremely seriously. As a result, an independent, external financial audit is currently taking place.
13 April 2011
While plastic sheeting latrine structures work well in emergency camps, the people of village Mubarak Hingorjo suggest that plastic sheets do not provide the required privacy at day time. We have worked with the local WASH committee to build latrines that are more suitable to the needs.
Qazu. Credit: Hira Tanveer/Oxfam