Pakistan floods - Updates

6 April 2011
Seventy per cent of those affected by floods in Pakistan want reconstruction to generate jobs as the country rebuilds following the disaster last year, according to a new survey released today (Wednesday, 6 April 2011) by international agency Oxfam.
26 January 2011
After the devastating floods in Pakistan in 2010, latrines in camps are a basic but essential facility.
26 January 2011
In the six months since the devastating floods hit Pakistan, with the help of generous public donations, Oxfam has helped almost 1.9 million people.
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26 January 2011
The crisis in Pakistan is far from over and could get worse, international aid agency Oxfam warned today, six months after the nation’s devastating floods.
21 January 2011
In September we visited women in the small village of Jarray who had just started to make shawls as part of the Cash for Work and winterization programs. Two months on, we asked them what they had spent their money on and what they thought about the program.
Shawl, quilt and sweater distribution. Credit: Jane Beesley
7 December 2010
Sixty-four households have now returned to the village of Dildarsipar in Jacobabad District, where Oxfam is working with a local organization to distribute hygiene kits and help organize hygiene committees. Faroza, a member of the hygiene committee, sums up their story.
Faroza, a member of her village's hygiene committee, sums up her experience
6 December 2010
While many people remain in camps others, as the floodwater recedes, are going home. For some this process has been enabled and sped up with appropriate and timely support. In a village in Khairpur a group of women reveal what helped them return home.
Ikhtiar, community health volunteer. Credit: Jane Beesley/Oxfam
29 November 2010
Oxfam is in a race against time to hand out thousands of winter kits to families still homeless from Pakistan's summer floods – already a challenge as the deluge wrecked roads and bridges. It will get worse when many communities are cut off by blizzards.
Sewing quilts in Pakistan, to prepare for winter. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam
15 November 2010
This Pakistan Development Forum meeting was a rare chance for donors to think outside the box for solutions to tackle some fundamental issues thrown up by the floods – one of the most devastating natural disasters this country has ever seen.
11 November 2010
International agency Oxfam today called on rich countries and institutions, meeting for the third time in as many months to discuss flood-ravaged Pakistan, to end the talking and start giving the substantial funds needed to help save lives and start to rebuild the country.
Families living with minimal shelter, Pakistan. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam