Pakistan floods - Updates

17 September 2010
Mitthal and Shahul have lost their homes in the Pakistan floods and are now living in camps in Sindh Province. We asked them about their experience, their most urgent needs and their hopes for the future.
Pakistan floods: Two testimonies from Sindh
17 September 2010
The international community urgently needs to inject more funds and effort to stem a spiraling crisis in flood-hit Pakistan. A new United Nations appeal for funds will be issued on Friday.
15 September 2010
International development organizations Oxfam, Plan, Eurodad and Concern Worldwide called today on EU leaders, meeting tomorrow for the first time to examine Europe’s role as a global power, to shift gear in their response to Pakistan.
Photo: REUTERS/Adrees Latif, courtesy
13 September 2010
Award winning photographer Alixandra Fazzina has recently travelled to some of the worst hit areas in Pakistan where she saw first hand the devastation caused by the floods. She photographed families in Pakistan and in the UK to document how they were spending the holy month of Ramadan.
9 September 2010
Bilhuda Ibrahim and her family are living crammed into a single tent in an overcrowded camp with four thousand other flood survivors. Four weeks after they were forced from their home by the rising waters, she can still see no end in sight to their ordeal.
Pakistan floods: One family's fight for survival
9 September 2010
Oxfam today warned of a public health catastrophe in flood-hit Pakistan. While funding had stalled in recent weeks, the number of cases of reported disease, numbers of people displaced, and numbers of people affected by the floods continue to rise each day.
2 September 2010
The IMF will issue a $450 million loan to Pakistan which risks plunging Pakistan into debt that it can ill-afford. Oxfam is calling for the cancellation of all multilateral and bilateral loans to Pakistan, and for debt relief to be given on emergency assistance from the IMF.
2 September 2010
World champion boxer Amir Khan is in Pakistan where he met families made homeless by the devastating floods and took part in an Oxfam distribution of aid.
Pakistan: Amir Khan talks to displaced people. Credit: Rebecca Wynn/Oxfa
29 August 2010
One month after the floods first reached disastrous levels in Pakistan, the waters continue to rise. Many areas are still cut off and millions of people are in desperate need of immediate help. Reconstruction efforts must begin immediately to avoid devastating long-term consequences for the country.