Colombia floods - Updates

31 January 2011
In response to floods in Colombia, Oxfam has focused on provision of clean water and sanitation, and hygiene promotion.
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31 December 2010
The number of people affected by the flood emergency in Colombia has risen by 50,000 people in the last two weeks, bringing the total number affect to more than 2,100,000 said international agency Oxfam today.
30 December 2010
Oxfam assessments show that in Córdoba, Sucre, Boliviar and Chocó, 70% of the flood-affected population do not have access to safe water, adequate sanitation and washing facilities and have lost personal belongings and household items.
A family remains isolated due to the recent floods in Riosucio.
27 December 2010
More than 2 million people are thought to have been affected by heavy flooding in Colombia which has destroyed close to 3,000 houses and caused damage to agricultural land, infrastructure and highways. 28 of the 32 departments in the country are currently under water.
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21 December 2010
Oxfam is today scaling up its aid effort to reach 200,000 people affected by the severe floods that have hit Colombia in recent weeks. The floods have affected more than two million people in 28 out of 32 districts in the country.