Philippines Typhoon Hagupit

Aid waiting to be distributed in the Philippines
Typhoon Hagupit has hit the Philippines. We responded quickly with life-saving essentials. Credit: Keith Bacongco/Oxfam

Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) hit the Philippines on 6th December 2014 causing widespread damage to homes and livelihoods. Our team in the country responded quickly with life-saving essentials. We are working with families in some of the worst hit areas, providing immediate aid and helping with longer-term recovery.

Communities devasted by Typhoon Haiyan hit again

A year after the devastating Typhoon Haiyan, Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) has left many families homeless again. 19 people lost their lives in the typhoon and a further 196 were injured. Electricity remains cut off in some affected areas and water supplies have been affected. 47,000 homes are reported damaged and in the hardest hit areas crops have been destroyed.

On Samar Island people are in urgent need of safe water, housing and emergency food.

Our response

We responded to the storm rapidly with safe water and hygiene essentials. We hope to reach 100,000 people on Samar Island with water, sanitation and emergency livelihoods help.

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