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Pastoralism and climate change in East Africa
15 August 2008
How biofuel policies are deepening poverty and accelerating climate change
26 June 2008
Food, poverty and climate change: an agenda for rich-country leaders
13 June 2008
Why the UN’s Bali Climate Conference must mandate the search for new funds
4 December 2007
Disasters increase as climate change bites
23 November 2007
The threat from climate change to human development and the environment
19 November 2007
A response to the World Development Report 2008
19 October 2007
What’s needed in poor countries, and who should pay
29 May 2007
Broken G8 promises are costing millions of lives
10 May 2007
An overview of the food crisis in Africa
24 July 2006
Gleneagles G8 One Year Later
9 June 2006
Examples of nine Non-Governmental Organizations in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe
29 November 2004
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