Oxfam plans for more ‘globally balanced’ presence

“Oxfam 2020 will transform Oxfam, making us a stronger, more efficient organization that delivers more impact.”
Winnie Byanyima
Oxfam International Executive Director
Published: 1 May 2014

Oxfam has launched a wide-sweeping plan, “Oxfam 2020”, to anchor the organization more firmly in the global South, where there is great opportunity to exert influence to reduce the injustice of poverty, and where we can have the greatest impact in correcting inequalities.

The Board and Executive Directors of Oxfam’s 17 affiliated organizations have designed a new structure that will devolve responsibility to the global south, in a network of interdependent affiliates and partners. Greater presence and power in the south will make Oxfam a more equitable, balanced and influential organization.  

“There is a fundamental shift in the dynamics of poverty and power and Oxfam is adapting, as good organizations do, to a world that is changing,” said Oxfam International Executive Director Winnie Byanyima. “Oxfam 2020 will transform Oxfam, making us a stronger, more efficient organization that delivers more impact.”

The plan reflects an evolving approach. Oxfam has had a long tradition of delivering services in the poorest countries, and conducting advocacy campaigns globally. Today, we have a theory of change that emphasizes knowledge-sharing from our program practice and research. We exercise influence at many local-to-global levels so that people can exercise their rights, shape their own future and thrive.

 Oxfam 2020 calls for the establishment of new national Oxfam organizations in the global south as a strong base for national campaigning and effective development work. The Oxfam International headquarters will also relocate from Oxford to the global south.

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