Walk in My Shoes: a march for women's rights in Bukavu

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  • Author: Oxfam
  • Copyright: Oxfam
  • Date: 8 March 2011

Over the past two decades, the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo has destroyed lives and killed 5.4 million people.

Extreme levels of violence have created an endless cycle of poverty and fear.

Rape is the weapon of choice for most armed groups.

On October 17, 2010, 20,000 women and men participated in a march in Bukavu to demand economic and social changes, demilitarization and the end of rape as a weapon of war. Women travelled from 41 countries to attend the march and stand in solidarity with the Congolese. Oxfam and our partners joined the march.

Act now to help make the people in the DR Congo safer.

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