Sisters on the Planet: Women fighting against climate change

We are all feeling the effects of climate change. Whether it’s reduced rainfall in Australia and Uganda, increasingly severe cyclones in Bangladesh, or sea level rise and storm surges in the Pacific.

The Sisters on the Planet are amazing women from very different parts of the world. They face unique challenges but together are finding solutions and bringing about change.

These are stories of inspiration, hope and the power of people to bring about change. Helen, Ursula, Sahena, Melissa, Muriel and Martina might have very different lives, but what they share is a certainty that progress only comes about when you stand up and take action. After all, we are all in this together. Why not be part of the solution?

Watch the stories of these inspirational women:

Ursula's story – Carteret Islands

The Carteret Islands are being swamped by seawater, killing food gardens and forcing the population to migrate to mainland Bougainville. This is the story of Ursula Rakova, who has set up an organisation to help her people relocate with dignity and preserve their culture.

Helen's story – Australia

This is the story of Helen Henry, who has seen the impact of climate change in her area and is mobilising women and men to do something about it.

Muriel's story – Brazil

As a senior member of Brazil’s Environment Ministry, Muriel Saragoussi lives her life as a constant and impassioned fight against climate change.

Martina’s story – Uganda

Martina and her community have successfully campaigned for a borehole closer to their village, shortening their daily walk from 7 hours down to 30 minutes.

Sahena’s story – Bangladesh

Last year's floods were the worst in decades but few people can have encountered a force of nature quite like Sahena Begum.

Melissa’s story – United Kingdom

Melissa recalls that when she first asked her Year Three class how many were worried about climate change" nearly all of the children put their hands up.