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Oxfam media officers are based around the globe. They can:

  • Link you up with spokespeople who can provide expert comment and analysis on all issues related to Oxfam's GROW campaign in a range of different languages
  • Put you in touch with poor communities who live with the consequences of the broken food system and environmental crisis and are at forefront of efforts to find solutions
  • Provide access to a wealth of case studies, pictures and videos
Press Release | 9 Avril 2014

"El presidente del Banco Mundial, Jim Kim, y la directora del FMI, Christine Lagarde, han denunciado claramente los peligros de la creciente desigualdad. Esta semana queremos ver iniciativas reales que se ajusten a la retórica utilizada".

Press Release | 9 Avril 2014

Following Oxfam’s January report revealing that just 85 people owned the same wealth as the bottom half the world’s population, Forbes has updated its “billionaires' list”, showing that extreme inequality has worsened– just 67 people at the top now own half the wealth.

Press Release | 22 Janvier 2014

The World Bank has been forced to backtrack on a controversial investment in Corporación Dinant, a palm oil company implicated in serious human rights abuses in Honduras. The Bank’s private-sector lending arm the International Finance Corporation (IFC) today admitted errors and promised to ‘refine’ its action plan and ‘reflect on’ internal problems that led to mistakes.

Press Release | 12 Octobre 2013

Oxfam applauds the World Bank's new strategy to halve extreme poverty by 2020 and end it by 2030, but swift action is now needed to bring the strategy to life.

Press Release | 10 Octobre 2013

The strategy to end extreme poverty and support inclusive growth is an important milestone for the World Bank and Oxfam welcomes Jim Kim’s vision and commitment.

Media Reaction | 25 Juin 2014
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) today publishes a major new report on global corporate taxation: “Spillovers in international...
Media Reaction | 25 Juin 2014
Le FMI publie aujourd’hui un nouveau rapport sur la fiscalité des entreprises multinationales. Il y répertorie les moyens actuellement...
Media Reaction | 10 Avril 2014
Oxfam's Nicolas Mombrial said: “The IMF and World Bank have admitted the dangers of skyrocketing inequality, but they’re not showing any...
Media Reaction | 1 Avril 2014
World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim today announced a series of measures aimed at strengthening the World Bank Group to better meet the...
Media Reaction | 14 Janvier 2014
The United States Congress has failed to adopt funding measures for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), thwarting quota and governance...