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Oxfam media officers are based around the globe. They can:

  • Link you up with spokespeople who can provide expert comment and analysis on all issues related to Oxfam's GROW campaign in a range of different languages
  • Put you in touch with poor communities who live with the consequences of the broken food system and environmental crisis and are at forefront of efforts to find solutions
  • Provide access to a wealth of case studies, pictures and videos
Press Release | 22 Mai 2013

At least $18.5 trillion is hidden by wealthy individuals in tax havens worldwide, representing a loss of more than $156 billion in tax revenue, according to new figures published today by international agency Oxfam.

Press Release | 6 Février 2013

Oxfam estimates that the proposed EU aid cuts could be enough to have lifted more than 4.6 million people in the poorest countries out of extreme poverty. The proposed cuts to emergency aid alone would mean the EU is turning a blind eye on the plight of 150 million people affected by disasters or conflicts.

Press Release | 20 Novembre 2012

Leading NGOs call on EU leaders to protect EU development aid against short-sighted cuts ahead of this week’s special EU Budget summit.

Press Release | 17 Septembre 2012

Land used to power European cars with biofuels for one year could produce enough wheat and maize to feed 127 million people. With the world’s poorest at greater risk of hunger as a result of spiraling food prices, the EU must rethink its dangerous love affair with biofuels.

Press Release | 28 Juin 2012

Incoming World Bank president Jim Yong Kim must step up efforts to assist developing countries threatened by the euro zone crisis fallout, international agency Oxfam said ahead of his first day on the job.

Media Reaction | 17 Décembre 2013
Oxfam reaction to EU Court of Auditors report on EU climate finance Today the European Court of Auditors released its findings...
Media Reaction | 12 Décembre 2013
Commenting on the failure of EU Energy Ministers to reach agreement on EU biofuel policy today, Marc Olivier Herman, Oxfam’s biofuels...
Media Reaction | 5 Décembre 2013
A leaked European Commission document dispels earlier warnings that the financial transaction tax (FTT) which 11 EU countries agreed to put...
Media Reaction | 15 Novembre 2013
Today EU Finance Ministers discussed tax matters, including money laundering and automatic exchange of information between tax authorities...
Media Reaction | 15 Octobre 2013
Today European Finance Ministers agreed their common position for the United Nations COP 19 climate change talks next month in Warsaw,...