Private health care sector in India is putting women's lives at risk

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  • Author: Oxfam
  • Copyright: Oxfam
  • Date: 20 February 2013

New evidence shows that women in India are being exploited and facing serious health problems, due to under-investment in healthcare by the Indian government and the proliferation of private for-profit clinics. Many private clinics are being driven by financial incentives to carry out dangerous and costly procedures regardless of whether or not there is any benefit to the patient.

Women, particularly from poor communities, are being left with crippling debts and health problems after being made to have unnecessary hysterectomies and Caesarean births. These are procedures that come with huge price tags and high medical risks.

Oxfam is calling for immediate action to regulate private health providers and for the Indian government to prioritize decent, free health care.

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How the private health care sector in India is putting women’s lives at risk