Funding the future - an Oxfam and TCK TCK TCK side event at COP16

Establishing a Fair Climate Fund in Cancun

This exciting side event will look at what why setting up a well-resourced and fair Climate Fund in Cancun is doable, desirable and defendable.

Climate change is hitting harvests and putting the poorest people at risk. It is making it harder for poor people, especially women to feed their families. Poor people are losing out twice: they are hardest hit by climate change they didn’t cause, and they are not yet served by funds that should be helping them. As people are fighting back, setting up a fair global Climate Fund that can deliver adequate funding to those who need it most, is crucial. The establishment of this Fund in Cancun will not only help developing countries adapt to the changing climate and adopt low-carbon development pathways, but also help rebuild trust in the negotiations.

6th December 2010, 11.30-13.00, Room Jaguar (Cancun Messe)

Chris Huhne,UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change
Alcinda Abreu, Mozambique Minister of the Environment (TBC)
Evans Njewa (Malawi), Finance lead for Least Developed Country Group
Cate Owren, Program Director, Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)

Frida Eklund, Oxfam
Manish Joshi, GCCA

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