Israeli bombs destroy Oxfam-funded health clinic in Gaza

Publié le : 29 Février 2008

Oxfam International today confirmed that a health clinic it helps fund was hit and vital medical equipment were destroyed in an attack by the Israeli air force on Gaza City late last night (27 February). The head quarters of the Palestinian Medical Relief  Society, the organization which runs the clinic, was also destroyed in the attack.

An Oxfam spokesperson said, "We condemn all acts of violence against civilians, including destruction of medical clinics and ambulances. We call for all parties to the conflict to end military action that affects civilians and targets civilian infrastructure."

Oxfam Solidarite (Belgium) and Oxfam Novib (Netherlands) support PMRS's work to bring medical aid to the people of the Gaza Strip.


For further information please contact:
Michael Robin Bailey of Oxfam International in Jerusalem on +972 572233014.