Governments must tackle inequality now

Together, we can Even It Up!

Extreme inequality is the defining challenge of our time, but it is not inevitable, and can be tackled. Much can be done to even it up, and make the world a fairer place.

Together we must call on governments to commit to:

  • Ensuring tax systems are fair and free of loopholes so that the richest pay their fair share.
  • Investing in vital public services – like universal healthcare and education – so everyone has a fighting chance.
  • Making sure everyone has decent jobs with fair pay.
  • Ensuring economic policies work to close the gap between women and men.
  • Working for their citizens, first.  The interests of the richest can no longer be put ahead of those of the rest of us.

The world is ready to act. Are you?

Together, we can end extreme inequality. Together, we can Even It Up!