Turn the lights back on for Syria

Four years since it began, the Syrian crisis continues to deepen, and the human suffering is greater than ever before. 

Satellite images show that 83% of Syria’s lights have gone out over the last four years – plunging streets, homes, schools and hospitals into darkness, and gradually extinguishing hope. And yet in the face of this darkness ordinary Syrians are committing unseen acts of heroism every day. Inspired by their courage, we must stand #WithSyria and do all we can to help end the suffering and Turn the Lights Back On.

Here are the facts:

  • 4 million people have fled Syria as refugees seeking safety in neighbouring countries
  • 83% of lights out across Syria since March 2011
  • 97% lights out in Aleppo
  • 35% of lights out in the Governorate of Damascus
  • Over 200,000 people killed since 2011
  • Over 11 million people have fled their homes
  • 3 million school-aged Syrian children no longer in school