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Securing Women Land Rights in a new Constitutional dispensation (INT3734)

Oxfam Great Britain - 21 August 2017 - 13:41
Region: HECA, Division: International, Job Type: ConsultancyBackground

In Nepalese society, the right to land is an important aspect of identity and a critical determinant of economic well-being, social status, and political power (College of Development Studies, 2013).

In Nepal, approximately 73 per cent of women are engaged in agriculture, contributing to all stages from management to marketing (IOM, 2016). However, women rarely have legal ownership of the land they till. According to the 2011 population census, only 19.71 per cent of households have female ownership over land and property in the country. This is despite the fact that female-headed households have increased in the country by approximately 11 per cent from 14.87 percent in 2001 to 25.73 per cent in 2011 (central bureau of statistics, 2011) These numbers reveal...


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