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Looking at the future: a father holds his daughter as he stands on a site from which local residents have recently been evicted to make way for new developments, close to luxury apartments in North Jakarta, Indonesia. In the past two decades, the gap between the richest and the rest in Indonesia has grown faster than in any other country in South-East Asia. Tiara Audina/Oxfam

The economic decisions that all governments make about how to raise and spend money have a direct impact on the lives of every citizen. When progressive governments allocate larger proportions of their domestic budget to funding essential public and social services or put in place high-quality aid provision for countries in need, this results in a decrease in poverty and inequality.

Our goal is to persuade governments to invest more, and better quality, funding in the fight against poverty and inequality, in the countries where we work and globally. This means holding governments to account for how they choose to spend money. We work alongside partners and allies to empower citizens, and especially women, building their capacity and confidence, so that they have what they need hold governments, donors and private sector organizations to account for how revenue is raised and spent.

By 2019, we want more women and men, girls and boys to exercise their right to universal quality health and education services, and to participate in strengthening the economic, social and democratic fabric of their societies. From involving citizens in the budget process to creating space for the voices of developing countries in global bodies and processes, Oxfam wants to see an economy that works for everyone not just for few.